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Is this the place in which your mother works?

To become good at Japanese, you must come to like Japan even more.

What time's your flight?

The truth is that nothing is totally true or false.

It is only you who want it.

Do you see the star?

He likes jazz and so do I.


We'll soon learn all we need to know.

Why don't you just call for help?

We're behind schedule.


Good afternoon. You are our new neighbor, if I'm not mistaken?


You're really weird.

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A good translator translates not words, but sentences.

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We're not as young as Roberta.

Scores of people gathered in front of the Royal Palace.

"What kind of beer do you want?" "What do you have on tap?"

Your support is appreciated.

This apple is not red.

When he spoke, everyone became silent.

It's just not right.

I'd rather not interfere.

I'm a very good chess player.

I have no idea of how to send a fax.

Kamel is a party boy.


Do you like to watch sports on television?


I have my own idea on this subject.

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We love what we do.


Marcia reached for the sugar that was on the next table.

We should be very careful.

They fenced off an area to park cars.

I just ran into one of my former students.

Obviously, you volunteered.


He was raving.

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I intend to go to the barbershop.

The hot weather turns milk.

I wonder why Alan has been so nice to me recently.

Mr Smith proposed marriage to Jane.

I'll be here for a while.

Icarus tried to fly too high and flew too near to the sun. The wings of wax melted and Icarus fell to his death in the ocean.

I thank you sincerely for having shown me the errors.

What made Marcia decide to cooperate?

I have a lot of credit cards.


Would you like me to ask around for you?

These soup dumplings are freshly steamed and still piping hot. Don't burn your mouth on the broth inside!

Jacobson is seldom home.

What did you buy for your boyfriend?

Beverly's the life of the party.

We have known each other since childhood.

They were turned away without wages.

What are all these people still doing here?

The three gunshot victims are in critical condition.

Here I am again.

Jos dried the dishes.

The word "nigger" is an offensive term.

We saw nothing strange.


She is very wise.


Ramesh read a lot.


How do you plead?

That's fantastic news.

Jeff gave me a nice set of aluminum wheels, but he kept the tires.


I'll help you fight Cliff.


The accident happened because of our carelessness.

This shouldn't have happened.

It makes me jealous.

It is possible to access the Internet without a wire.

This time, the exam was not just difficult, but also, the questions were ambiguous.

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French is too hard, I don't want to learn it.


He always spends his money freely.

This should be one of our top priorities.

Novo watered the garden with the garden hose.

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Time is pressing every moment.

He's making a copy.

You didn't give him a chance.

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The restaurant is closed.

Pratap said that she wanted a squirrel for Christmas and she was disappointed when she only got a stuffed squirrel.

I'm in a lot of pain.

I'm grateful for what she did.

Brender told Rodney he'd help her.

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Call her.

I wish I could buy you everything you needed.

I know why you want it.

The gym is used for the ceremony.

We can have dogs, cats, birds, and so on.

Of course, that was what Perry was suggesting.

I wonder where Sho learned how to do that.


So what are birds actually?


Can you spare a moment?

Stacey didn't see what I saw.

Avery slid the ring on Morton's finger.

There is little oil in Japan.

This is one of our top priorities.

He tried to laugh her out of her foolish belief.

Nothing lasts forever.

He's dieting.

It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

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I wish we could spend more time together.

I bet you'll be a great father.

Everyone has the right to personal liberty.

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I have less than five friends who know how to speak French.

Such accidents are common.

We'll make the right decision.


I wish David was here with me today.

It disgusts me.

I think it's clearing up.


Was Sugih rescued?

I want to join you.

I'm sorry I missed the fun.

Would you look after my cat?

This dog is big.


Why did you go to his house?

I don't know whether he comes or not.

My uncle plays guitar.

France is in western Europe.

She went on trial charged with murdering her husband.

The mosquitoes are really bad here. I'm getting eaten alive.

This isn't the last train, is it?


The conference ends tomorrow.

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What I'm saying is quite true.

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I must admit that, despite loving our friendship, I think I'm also starting to love you.

This reminds me of someone.

I've got to catch some Z's.

I thought you did fairly well.

Would you like me to help you with washing the dishes?


This book contains the complete works of Shakespeare.

Popcorn is very inexpensive when compared to many other snack foods. It's also usually healthier.

She works as an au pair in Germany.


The boy stuck money in his pocket.

I will be traveling round Europe next week.

I had to carry Brenda upstairs.

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It's not cheap.

I think she's interested in you.

This is a beginning of a new era.

No one is going to help us.

Piet certainly has a well-trained dog.

My injuries were less serious than Carolyn's.

Tell Carl to stop worrying.


I will not abandon you.

I'm not having dinner with you tonight.

This is a skunk den.

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What is for dessert?

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She married young.


Lawrence loves kaleidoscopes.


Ed looks very sleepy.

Nothing has been overlooked.

Talk to me later.


Despite repeated warnings, Laurel didn't stop doing that.

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These two pieces don't fit together.


Alberto felt hurt.

We'll get a phone call from him tonight for sure.

Which one of these people is your friend?


We huddled into that tent, 19 below that day, I'll never forget it.

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The idea seemed absurd at first.

I have a minute.

There is a heavy tax on tobacco.